Kentucky Derby Party, May 7, 2016

A great time was had by all who attended the Kentucky Derby Party at the Timonier's in Hudson, FL.

There was plenty of fantastic food running the whole gamat from appetizers, through entrees, and plenty of  "low calorie" dessert delights.

Highlighting the contests that were part of the party were a best hat award for the ladies (Winner: Cindy Buckley), a best bowtie contest for the men (Winner: Gary Louks), and was capped off with the Tampa Knights Rod & Custom version of the Kentucky Derby with six club participants on broomstick horses vying for the roses determined from dice rolls. The 2016 Championship went to John Berti with his horse "50 Shades of Gray". All winners received restaurant gift certificates.

Gary Louks winner of the Best Bowtie Contest. Sorry, no picture of Cindy Buckley who won the Best Ladies Hat Contest.


The stables showing the six broomstick horses that were going to be running in the Tampa Knights version of the Kentucky Derby.

The jockeys from left to right: Brenda Wade, Tony Gonsalves, John Berti, Gene Ford, Tony Nappo, and Jack Pitts. Announcer Jeff Timonier dressed in black with the red suspenders.

Ken Watson, Club President,
pictured in the white shirt and khaki shorts was the official dice roller. Jockeys are in the background in the invisible gates ready for the start.

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