Mike and Susan couldn't resist this Ford pickup at Daytona. Mike loves a truck and its hard to find one that he's comfortable in, they thought the 40 they bought a year ago was the ticket till they saw this one. Interesting story, it was won at a casino in a slot tournament to which the winner was not a car person, soon as it was delivered to the Daytona area and registered to the new owner he brought it straight to the car corral. Mike and Susan were torn between two 50's chevys, one with an LS and one with a 383, other than that they were twins from the color to the cost. then they saw this one and the search stopped. They are tweaking it to make it their own and hopefully will enjoy it for a long time.  

Wayne and Sharon Pierce just purchased a 1954 Chevy Bel Air. Can't wait to see them cruising with the Knights in the new car!


George and Bette are the proud new owners  of this Mercury two door. Missed it in Daytona but found it listed in the paper near home and were lucky to see it first as others arrived to purchase it at the same time. It has chevy drive train and a roll and pleat interior with a/c . Good to see them crusing again. 
            Congrats to Mike and Susan for their new addition to the fleet a 41 Cadillac Sedanette. Found this beauty at the Frog Follies and had to take her home. Got a blue printed 500cu caddy motor and 200r trans what a sweet ride.
                  Roger and Bev Reger's new toy I think its a 1948 Chevy 9' bed truck a rare bird. I'm sure he's got a neat plan for it. Congrats kids
            Jeff and Mary's 55 Buick is almost done and was asked to be displayed at a paint supply house in Oldsmar for Kempearle the new supplier for BASF, RM and Diamont paints. They had a celebrity guest Chip Foose who viewed the car and even sat in it. Also a big surprise was the quick rendering he did of the car on a shirt for them.          

Congrats to Mike and Susan on their newest ride a 40 Ford pickup

 Now we know what Santa drives in the off season, I knew he was a street rodder at heart.

                           April 2015 Thomasville Georgia

  Seven street rods and ten families went for a relaxing weekend.
Great accommodations and planned activities for a wonderful time.
There will be more times like this don't miss the next one you will
have a good time. 



Plus you never know what you will see at a parade in Georgia, note the pet on the leash.